Deflationary KEYFI Burning x Sustainable Reward Pools x Seeding Liquidity Pool Growth

This is the first entry in a three-part series that covers updated details about the KEYFI token economic model. This model is currently evolving and is subject to change. Please be advised that KeyFi is still a beta project.

Over the next several weeks I will be writing in more detail about the KEYFI token economic model in order to provide more transparency about how the token and the platform work together.

For this current version I will break it up into three parts:

Part 1: KEYFI Staking and Reward Pools

Part 2: KEYFI kTokens (Estimated Late April / Early…

Last year I did a post on my 35th birthday that had 35 things to be grateful for. This year I thought I’d like to do something like that again so rather than focus on all the things I want to do, I’m going to take stock of all the things that I actually have done so far in my life and just appreciate that for a minute or two before getting back to real work.

  1. 2x Soccer League Champion in regional youth soccer league as a goalkeeper. I played in leagues from age 7 to 15 when I retired…

As has been well documented, news media has faced a crisis over the past 25 years or so since the internet began its rise to become the primary method of global communication.

Due to the fact that there was no longer a need for each city to have a newspaper whose primary purpose was to provide reprints of AP articles and release them locally, news media has been becoming more and more biased and opinionated as a whole.

This bias though takes different shapes and forms, which can make it increasingly difficult for an average person to determine what is…

I find myself back in the same place I spent most of my time at home growing up — in the basement.

Of course this time it’s a little different. For one, since I’m a bit older and more picky about what things I want down here, it’s highly unlikely that any $10 second hand furniture from garage sales or a $30 used drum kit with cigarette burns will find their way into my new set up.

No, it’s gonna more like, computers, tables, shelves, some fitness gear, maybe a 3D printer, a space heater (Canada is colder than Thailand…

I’ve taught a few things over the years.

  • When I was 12 or so I taught senior citizens how to use the internet.
  • I taught my high school physics class how an M16 works.
  • I taught kids in Asia English and French on a couple of occasions.
  • I tried to teach my wife how to CSS and use Adobe at one point.
  • I taught my parents how bitcoin works (maybe?)

Over the past few years I’ve taught a few f things to Ben Jr , but this was the first time I’d ever tried to teach math to anyone.


So I took a little over a month off from writing here due to health reasons. Not much to really explain other than it was the right move at the time and I’m feeling like I’m ready to get back to it.

I’m re-interpreting my self inflicted 2020 writing challenge to mean a total of 365 posts by then end of the year, so that means I owe myself an additional 35 posts plus carrying on with a post per day for the rest of the year. All things considered it should be a walk in the park.

So in…

Basically the opposite of yesterday, although to be fair some news may have been a few days old or so.

  • Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs somehow
  • International flights to Thailand opening up in July
  • Playgrounds are opening up tomorrow for Ben Jr!

And there was like another dozen or so terrible new stories which I won’t mention.

I also have been doing a lot of research these days about some of the medical stuff I’m dealing with. …

Better to say nothing at all if you don’t have anything nice to say, or something like that.

might be 3rd time i’ve used this one

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Fred Rogers

Okay internet, that’s all for today, see you tomorrow :D


Today was the first time me and Ben Jr had lunch at a restaurant in about 10 weeks now I think as the city finally gave the go ahead for places to open up to dine in customers.

It was wonderful. We didn’t exactly go all out and stuff ourselves like crazy or anything like that (my appetite is currently dramatically reduced due to medical issues and, well, Ben Jr just can’t eat that much because he’s a 3 year old lol)

The waiter offered us the choice between regular water and sparkling water, so obviously, we went with the…

Last week we briefly touched on some of the basic concepts of PPC including how it runs on an auction system, uses keywords and is displayed throughout an ad network.

Going a little deeper into it now, let’s get into a few more key points.

One of the reasons why PPC has become such a popular way to advertise is the ability to directly track conversions. …

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